Friday, December 24, 2010


Sample of typical paratext:

2nite! Xmas Eve! 8pm~ Save that time!

FM-radio pre-review

Norah Ephron 2speak2
The Commonwealth Club of California:

"About Things I Haven't...Yet Forgotten!"


[CLASSIFIED]: May re-reveal who "Deep Throat" (My Friend = Mark Felt) really was.
: Never mentions MF, but does mention JFK.

Sip cooling decaf-tea on Xmas Eve while Santa's 'plumbers' break in2 the Watergate (D.C. apt. complex) in the annual re-enactment staged by the Loyal Friends of RMN.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

East- VS West-Coasters OR "It's over there..."

It's I've just written this coastal observation for Ruth Emmett, a friend in Belfast ME (on Maine's central coast)

East- vs West-Coasters: We East-Coasters (as I was until 5 years ago) live within a simpler logical layout so that our relatively smaller towns, cities, & counties are logically-discrete by name. Here, in Norcal, a tiny piece of Santa Clara county can occupy the middle of any Santa Clara city block. Typical result. I look directly across the st. at San Jose city whose st. numbers do not match/track exactly with the numbers on my Santa Clara city side. I live at 930 N. Winchester Blvd. Santa Clara city & county which is directly opposite 888 N. Winchester Blvd San Jose (city, in Santa Clara county.) Little wonder the Norcal locals wave their hands vaguely & say when they give strangers & newcomers directions, (pointing vaguely, then appearing to be more definite) "It's over there..." (When often it's not.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


{BRE@THE} or [DIE]

{thanks to Ruth Emmett}

I'll put it to ya this away:
Either ya breathe, or ya die:

breathe deep, live long,
breathe shallow, live short
breathe choppily, die soon.

Even Red China gets it's
running out of clean air,
so why, oh why, don't you?

Breathe. Breathe again,
breathe, feel alive again.

Breathe as you fall asleep,
breathe as you wake up;

Breathe! Wake up!

(14 DEC 10, Santa Clara CA)v1


The annual Poetry & Song concert at St. Mark's Episcopal (USD$10) nearby in Santa Clara was quite good - Karl Kadie, Ginny, & I sat together to hear the Symphony Sliicon Valley Singers (SSVS) supplementing the annual reading by Silicon Valley(Santa Clara County) [1st] Poet Laureate - Nils Peterson, a retired San Jose State University (SJSU) Prof, who sniffled & almost wept as he read a Gene Shepherd Xmas story, his own collected & published annual Xmas poems, the beginning of Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales", & some seasonal Garrison Keillor (which Nils does each year.) Seeing that SVSS were evidently short a bass, after the concert I spoke to SSVS conductor Prof. Elena Sharkova (a young Russian emigree) about it (ans.: they've lost one bass to illness, so Nils, like me, a bass-bar., filled in for the concert) & I was instantly offered an audition. We shall see..I told her that I presently sing with .the S J Peace Chorale (SJPC) - which is probably about as much as I can handle @ the moment; btw, our Xmas party is this Thurs. eve. at the Chai ("life", Hebrew) House retirement community in S J's Sherman Oaks neighborhood..

Sunday, December 12, 2010


"Think of it as oxygen in,
toxins out on the out breath."
-Ruth Emmett

Breathing profoundly affects

our genomic-code;

how we breathe

turns on & then changes

who we are.

Understand intuitively;

practice consistently.

(12 DEC 10, Santa Clara CA)v2

Thursday, December 9, 2010



While you’re reading this
Somebody’s deciding whether
it’s filling empty minds with
stuff of the classifiable category

that oughtn’t be open to just
anybody reading this. Trilemma:

Open, Closed, Classified.

Classified’s a transient value
of sometimes no value @ all.
[Ex. Air is getting sorta scarce.]
Classified /not-quite classified?

Classified; lest panic ensue.
You can all breathe now. Closed.

(08 DEC 10, Santa Clara CA)v4