Friday, January 30, 2009


Thinking, writing & talking blur:
have I already written or spoken
this to you? Havent I sent you this
as an e-mail, or posted it on my blog?
Have you already heard it before?
Can you stand hearing it again?

(30 JAN 09, Santa Clara CA)v4

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Poets & others diss the Inaugural poem
as irrelevant or inequal to the day, but
I like how it doesn’t just make Obama
the ‘mutt’ savior of all colors, races, etc.
Its B-roll takes us down to our daily life
where things are now the election's over.
Can we handle the present’s dire conditions?
Do we have a choice? Yes, & we exercised it.
Now to repair a badly damaged country's
damaging others. If that isn’t enuf for you,
what is? Watch it fade to action; action,
correction; repair, reparations. Not quite
noble enuf for you? Get real.

(22 JAN 09, Santa Clara CA) v6

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


(with & for Alex)

You drove us down CA 17 & over the hill to Santa Cruz
to walk the pier at sunset to watch
big, brown baggy sea-lions barking underneath it
after we’d stuffed ourselves
at our fave Chinese (Ocean City) buffet,
in our private annual tradition.

On the way back, as you drove The Hill,
I told you that I’ve finally realized the best thing
I’ve ever (co-) created (even as a poet) is: You.

(We should all tell our children this truth.)

Just as I would, you replied:
"You have more poems to write."
True, Alex, but no more sons to have co-made
& marvel at as I do you.

You are my beautiful, blond Apollonian look-alike heir;
my do-alike heir’s your sister, dark Maya, my equally
sexy brunette Dionysian daughter.

Each of us has more to say, sing, prove.

(13 JAN 09, Santa Clara CA ) v7