Thursday, October 30, 2014

My son Dr. Alex William, Ph.D  
(Medical Anthropology, Columbia University) 
got tenure today in the Health & Physical Ed/Gs Studies dept. of York College div. of CUNY (City University of New York) in Jamaica, Queens.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


To Patricia

“I've had a wonderful life!”
you say 3 times; “I've had
a very (wonderful) life”

you say as you stand & smile
at 3 framed prints of playing
khmer children they gave you.

I've never seen you so contented;
you will turn 74 tomorrow.

(29 OCT 14, V V Santa Clara CA)v5

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Rev. Tim Cho, (Korea) who lives on the 3rd-floor of Bldg. 5 (I live on the 4th floor of Bldg. 4) has accused me of orchid theft, because I once helped Joan Silva (Sri Lanka) choose a plant from his 3rd floor balcony after being told all the plants there were being abandoned. Once I was told they weren't, I quickly brought her choice – an orchid belonging to Tim - back to where it was growing...anonymously - to me, but not to the Koreans in Bldg. 5 My previous error is proof, Tim thinks, of my being the current flower thief here in Valley Village, a retirement community (of 251 people) in Santa Clara, bordering San Jose - California.

This retirement community that dates back to 1966, is currently growing increasingly Asian, & recently began to celebrate the Chinese (lunar) New Year in its Social Center. At a recent communal monthly birthday celebration I won a drawing for a California Lottery scratch card which won me USD5$ when redeemed at the nearby 7-11.

In our tiff, remembering the details of my previous flower theft so enraged Tim that he spat out “I forgive you!” But for which theft? The previous one or the current one - as yet unproven. Not wanting to accept forgiveness for something I haven't done, I insisted that I didn't do it! “You are so frustrating!” he spit out, “You did it before!” I restated my claim of present innocence “But I didn't do it this time!” “I forbid you to come to the 3rd floor!” raged Tim. I agreed, I never will again. We disputed whether my pressing the 2nd floor elevator button could be overidden by someone pressing the 3rd floor button above. Tim- No; me – Yes. It's happened to me a few times. Others concurr. Suddenly we've found the door opening onto the 3rd floor to our surprise. A demonstration can be restaged.

But where is Tim's orchid? Who stole it? I stand accused by Tim as the most likely suspect. Ironically, I've been growing jade plants from cuttings for the past 7 years here, giving them away to anyone interested in them, saying “Please, take any plant you want,” So far, only Asian women have taken any. Now a young female gynecologist (Tadjik) has expressed an interest, saying “When I have my own house, I want one!” I assured her she's always welcome to them.

(18 OCT 14, V V, Santa Clara CA)v.7