Thursday, February 27, 2014



To: Patricia Hughes

At the new karaoke in the Social Center, 
after I slid into the chair beside you, 
you shooed me away, pointing me to
“Sit further away (by one seat) 
I don't need you...”(anymore); 
I instantly rose & left, but soon 
slipped back in with incomers
to sit on the other side of the room
to your suppressed surprise.

Days later: you ignored me
as I stood a few feet from you
as you were about to enter 
Donna's B&W car. Later,
returning to the parking-lot, 
getting into her car again, alone,
Donna admitted to me: "Bill, 
I don't know what happened...
Her mind is like a 5yr-old's."
I replied: “I just want her to get what 
she needs. Even if I can't see her.”
& offered an aluminum shower stool.
Donna explained it wasn't needed,
but waved to me as she drove away
out of the parking-lot. 

(27 FEB 13, 3:44PM,  V V, Santa Clara)v2

Monday, February 3, 2014



“The Republican Party is living through the late-mannerist phase of that (Reagan) revolution, fuelled less by ideas than by resentments.”
- David Remnick: Annals of the Presidency: GOING THE DISTANCE,
On and off the road with Barack Obama (New Yorker, Jan. 27, 2014, p.41)

Still wrapped within the Land o' Cotton,
striking its long-ago struck heroic pose,
standing tall for family values petrified
in grey stone in the postbellum South,
their grey slacks sharp, their golden
codpieces bursting with pride, their
thin smiles rise to sneers held highly
above lushly blooming womanhoods.
Look away! Look away! Way away.

(03 FEB 14, Santa Clara CA) v5

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wither CA We@ther?

As we suffer the lack of substantial rain here in CA, I recall my naieve new-to-CA weather expectations: CA is always sunny (never cloudy), doesn't rain, never snows. 

TV& movie fantasies apply only (if at all) to Socal/L.A. &; desert points-east (bordering AZ.) The 56mi. L.A. River is more than just a trickle in an urban cement channel.

Way up here in Norcal/SF Bay, it gets cold (below freezing) overnight, rains, snows (on mountain peaks, rarely down in the valley.) Rain supports agriculture & increasingly populous cities. Microclimates (S.F., the central coast, etc.) reduce weather zones to smaller regions than I 'd ever imagined & certainly never heard of 'back east'.
Drought - which I thought was perennial all over CA - except the coast -  is not only regional but macro-cyclical. (We're currently in the 7th-year of the latest.)

For me, it's all become unexpectedly informative (so far.)