Thursday, September 25, 2014

rain, finally!


Rain finally falls
on the South Bay overnight

drips off the Jacaranda trees
into the gutters, running fast

drops hit my window 
a few
& are gone by 10 am
 (25 SEP 14, V.V.,Santa Clara CA)v6

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From Scotland Still Brave

Frae folksinger Christine Miles in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland:
To: billcostleybill
Sent: Wed, Sep 24, 2014 6:10 pm
Subject: From Scotland Still Brave

As for the Referendum, the wake of it all looks pretty much like I thought it would.  The burst balloons & torn flags have been swept up off the streets. People in general are getting on with their business.   If there is simmering anger & resentment waiting to burst out,  people making bombs in their kitchens, then I don't see it.  It may have reached some news agencies across the world that on the Friday there were clashes in Glasgow's George Square between a small group of Yes voters, probably a bit too depressed to leave each other's company & go home, who were set upon by a slightly larger group of Union Jack wavers.  6 people were charged (arrested) from that group, so you can see it was no more of a riot in the streets that a drunken clash on the streets of any big city, largely The Glasgow Disease of Orange/ Unionist/ Rangers supporters whose weekly excitement is a reprise of The Battle of the Boyne, who were too stupid (as you know, that's the entrance qualification) to know the difference between Catholics & Yes, voters.

I would have been sorry for the rest of the world to see that, I hope it left before that began, but what has happened in the wake of it is that some guy who runs a Food Bank leapt up & made pleas & a rousing speech for peace; in the wake of that thousands of people brought bags of food to George Square for his Food Bank, which was in his house,  he has had to take on an empty shop, the food just keeps on coming.  It's their way of saying "we don't want that kind of crap"  that moves me to tears yet again. I think this is a country that has more than its fair share of kindness.  I would be sorry to be found to be naive. Those who think that there will be deep divides now may see something I don't see, one tends to think of one's society as being reflected by the circles one moves in, so I don't seek out the company of unreasonable people as a rule.

I sent the previous email to all my friends outside Scotland, (most sent very emotional responses, but hey, I'm used to making people cry) so do now share this news so that people can read about the aftermath of some silly boys with no brains & too much testosterone (the most toxic substance on the planet) the response of ordinary people in Scotland who don't necessarily have that much themselves.  I will let you know when the news features a few billionaires chipping in some bags of groceries.   But don't hold your breath!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CALifornia cubed

California's colonialism is cubed: thrice a colony (Spanish, then Mexican, then American), now an American state the size of many countries, with an economy larger than many countries, a recently failed secessionist movement trying to break it into 6 states!  Colony layered upon colony, it's becoming more Mexican again, frightening Anglos as they see 'Mexicans' (Hispanics) becoming a majority. This is as complex a layered history as Scotland's; living in it as an immigrant, I'm well aware of it, wondering whether it's dynamic or chaotic. New England (6 states) it ain't - yet! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014



My father's country*
was his* home for a while,
taken here @ 5, finally
adopting mine** @ 9.

I went back to his*
to escape mine**, tho
warmly accepted there*,
I had to return to mine**.

From there** I'm observing
his* country's struggle.

Will I go back again?
When? Why?

*Scotland,** USA

(20 SEP 14,V.V. Santa Clara CA)v4

Monday, September 15, 2014



with Patricia

"I am Woman!"
you mug as you
twist off the stem
of a fallen leaf.

"I'm glad you are!"
I say as I watch
you doing it.

Now, I read this
to you, as I sit
here beside you.

(15 SEP 2014, V.V. Santa Clara CA)v3


Somebody'S uprooted my beets, 
leaving me with just one
large, gnarly, greens-less one
I've pressure-cooked, diced, 
& chilled, like beet fudge, 
slowly savoring it cold.
(12 SEP 2014 Santa Clara CA)V2

Friday, September 12, 2014



to Patricia

All the love
you filled your life with
is coming back to you now
if not quite when you want it;

& I come, with my heart,
& sit beside you
to tell you this,
telling you this.

(12 SEP 14 Santa Clara CA)v2

Sunday, September 7, 2014



Corrine & Bonnie,

identical blue-eyed blonde long-legged twins,
wiggle & scratch each others' backs
pretending to be tyrannosauri, squealing

“We're 6, we're in the first grade!”
Their grandmother tells them apart:
“Corrine's platinum, Bonnie's like I once was.”

07 SEP 14, V. V. Santa Clara CA)v3

Saturday, September 6, 2014



the blind & deaf
cocker spaniel
with big paws

whines whenever
Heather's gone.
When she walks him,
he's happily silent.

(06 SEP 14 ,v.v. Santa Clara CA)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I Adore You


with Patricia

"I adore you"
you say suddenly,
embarassing me;

"please, don't"
I say earnestly.
You smile.

(04 SEP 14,  V.V., Santa Clara CA)v.2