Thursday, February 24, 2011

Col. Gaddaffi

ACT I: revolutionary

narcissist differently
costumed for every
occasion of state,
putting on every costume
liked, seen, or imagined,

ACT II: running

a 1-man rep for 4 decades,

ACT III: repudiate

the People’s booing, sending
tanks & jets against their rifles,
like the Italians before him,
accusing them of taking
drugs, drunk on himself.

(24 FEB 11, Santa Cara CA)v4

Monday, February 21, 2011


(361pp, 2003, Harvest Books, Harcourt Brace NYC)

I rarely read a novel, because I'm so distractible that I rarely finish one
(tho I used to finish all novellas [under 100 pp.] in one sitting.) This
is a 361 pp novel I increasingly feared to finish; now that I have, it's
'working' inside me. I rarely ever say this, but I'm 'grateful' it exists.

My 29 yr relationship w/Carolin Combs (d. 26 JAN 07, age 49)
deepened immeasurably from the beginning once she revealed
our cyclical-return/reincarnational pairing; I await her return.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


My Garden tells me
Spring is on its way:

The Peas are ready
to be picked.
The pods are full.

The patch of Chard
makes a tasty salad.

Soon it will be
Time to plant

- Ginny Zeitman
(19 FEB 11, Santa Clara, Valley Village, 4-4D)


(CA for WI unionists)

Fresh Republican govs
expect publicworkers
to willingly melt under
anti-tax propaganda.

We can see thru it! We're
not made of snow! We
won’t melt if blowtorched!
We’re inflammable! Try us!

How’re ya gonna do without
firemen, cops, nurses, teachers?
Run all-volunteer states? You
got to be kiddin’, govs!

You do get paid, don’tcha?
You do get elected, don'tcha?

(19 FEB 11, Santa Clara CA; v3)
on The New Verse News
Mon. 21 FEB 11

Friday, February 11, 2011


Pyramids rise in the valley

by CHENEY's WY house

for the CHENEY family

in CHENEY Valley(tm).

where the Bozell family

& other conservative

families are choosing

a CHENEY pyramid.

You can too. Contact

Click: [Great Families]

Great conservatives

deserve great pyramids.

(11 FEB 11 Santa Clara CA)v9

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



To Hosni Mubarak

Inside the pyramids
there were once many
mummified bodies
certain of immortality.

Some are dust now,
Some, museumified.
29 yrs in office is
mummified enuf.

(08 FEB 11, Santa Clara CA)v8