Sunday, January 16, 2011


It comes out that
Gaby Giffords

owns the same
Glock Mode1 19

as Jared Loughner!
Glocks appeal in AZ!

Sarah Palin muses…"If...
Gaby’d dropped him,

she’d-a got my special
[{gunMama TM}] badge!”

awarded by Glock:
for Glocks-appeal

(16 JAN 11 Santa Clara CA)v4

The B&W front-cover of the Jan 17-23, 2011 issue of Bloomberg* Businessweek magazine has a side-view of a grey Glock supertitled in white: The Killing Machine, subtitled in white: How Austria's Glock Became America's Gun. p50. Millionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg* (Mayor of NYC), is its publisher.