Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama on the Wall

(Scene: White House Gym)

Obama drops an NBA* basketball,
deciding to climb the wooden wall,
knob-by knob; he tires near the top,
calling out for "Rahm (Emmanuel),
"I need your help! I need your help!”

2 MIB**s rush in to protect Obama:
“I need Rahm’s help,” he says,
"not yours, guys; thanks anyway.”

Rahm suddenly appears in a gym suit,
smiling. “Good test, Obama; the MIBs
seem to have forgotten me.” Obama
smiles: “They're new; Rahm, it’s been
8 years since you were here with Bill.”

Obama shinnies down the knobby wall,
chuckling as he hits the hardwood floor,
popping up & dribbling the basketball
off across the shiny hardwood floor.

*National Basketball Assn.
** Men in Black = U.S. Secret Service

(06 NOV 08, Santa Clara CA) v7

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