Monday, February 16, 2009

Drought Rain

(AP) What could be the largest storm of the season is bringing heavy rain & snow to sections of CC with winter storm warnings for the Sierra Nevada & flood advisories from SF Bay south to L.A.

Here on SF Bay, during "The Rainy Season" (=Winter), it's pouring much needed rain during what they say is a drought: reservoirs are low, streams down to a trickle, etc. People are rain-shy here, but say "we need the rain..." as they go out into it. Today is Presidents' Day & the Santa Clara Sr Citz pool is closed; I fear getting wet, having grown up on MA Bay where I often had bronchitis, later, pneumonia. Deep inside me a sick little boy lies abed, watching a Vicks Vaporizer bubbling away....

NorCal pours, while its
weathercasters warn of
drought & reservoirs rise
from 49-52% of normal.
Californians airily say:
“We need all this rain”
& testily step out into it.
As a MA Bay transplant,
torrential rain, hurricanes,
coastal floods, all seem
normal to me as I watch
all this from 4 floors up
in Silicon Valley.

(18 FEB 09, Santa Clara CA)v7

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