Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Blue may soon eat Sun

Big Blue (IBM, fund. 1894 ) was once big; then it shrank; now it will grow again if it eats Sun Microsystems, (fund. 1982) This matters here in 'Silicon Valley' CA, because Sun’s an offshoot of Stanford University in Palo Alto (fund. 1885.) In 1975, Carolin & I met while working for Light Blue (Digital Equipment Corporation a/k/a DEC, fund.1957) Does any of this matter to you? If all you know about computers is what Microsoft (fund. 1975) sells you, none of this may matter to you, but it should, because many other companies & countries & people got us to where we are right now, on the internet where you're now reading what I’ve written here for you to read. Think (IBM's slogan) of what this really means. Maybe only those of us brought up on sci-fi mags & novels really can; I was & do. (flashback:) Reading Frederik Pohl & Cyril Kornbluth’s radical sci-fi novel "The Space Merchants" (1953) changed my early adolescent mind & life thereafter. Kingsley Amis wrote (in 1960) it “has many claims to being the best science-fiction novel so far." [Ex.] It previewed the contraceptive Pill (1956) as Preg-Not; so did Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" (1953.)

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