Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ades, happening

Last (Fri.) nite (03 APR 09) at the S.F. Symphony, I heard Thomas Ades' [so far, 1st] Violin Concerto "Concentric Paths" (played by Leila Josefowitz); at the donors' reception after, I suggested to him he ought to write 2 more, claiming all 3 need to be heard together to be understood. "Musicologists thrive on this", I told him; it's been done+ before: by Vivaldi in his Op. 8, Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione (contest between harmony & invention, 1725); its 1st 4 of 12 are Le quattro stagioni (4 seasons); but violin concerti have come a long way since 1725. Maybe all 3 could be played together? I mused; maybe even by 3 violinists? Promoters thrive on such bravura; meanwhile, all-Ades festivals are already happening (2007: London, Paris, Helsinki...) PS: Ades' fave USA composers are Ives & Nancarrow.

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