Monday, June 22, 2009

Reggie, out&in-doors

Carolin's & my Maine Coon cat Reggie (~ 7) is still really an outdoor cat, so I feel guilty if I don't take him out every day for an hour here in the retirement community I now live in whose lease insists all pets must be on 'leashes' when outdoors, so on his 30' yellow nylon tie-out, Reggie does his daily-routine: daringly climbing a small tree, jumping down, disappearing into the bushes surrounding the large courtyard, looking for small animals & birds (that he never finds); when taken out as late as 8:30pm, he territorially prowls to drive off 2 feral cats that come by for dry food that Lois Overman in the next bldg. leaves out for them every eve. All this is much more exciting for Reggie than being confined to my 4th-floor 2rm apt. despite upholstered cat-towers in each room; he's snoozing in the tall tower (right behind me) as I type this. I apologize to him when I take my 10-speed bike out without him, but the one time we did, he was terrified of riding with me (in a webbed nylon cat-carrier on my back) fearing anything metallic-sounding/looking (bike, battery-powered go-cart, dumpster-on-wheels, traffic...) & moaned & groaned the entire bike-ride...

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