Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An early morning hike in the foothills

We start our hike at the meadow;
as we cross it, we become aware
of the activity in the meadow:

deer eating the grass,
egrets looking for food,
birds diving for insects & bees
that are flying around the wildflowers;
a rabbit digging up roots;
wild turkeys flown down
from their roosting trees on the ridge
looking for food;
a bobcat crossing the meadow
heading towards the creek
to catch a swimming fish.

After we cross the meadow,
we climb the steep PG&E trail,
the best way to get to the foothills.
When we arrive at the ridge,
we decide which trail to take:

Our choices: take
the 10-mile Vista Point trail,
the Farm trail,
or continue on the PG&E trail
to the Wildcat Canyon turn-off trail.

Today, we take the PG&E
Wildcat Canyon turn-off trail.

(July 2009, Santa Clara CA)

- Ginny Beecher Zeitman

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