Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Unending Immigration


{For Dr. Worku Negash, VP}

A Pilipina visiting nurse interviews me
for intake to VNA treatment, pricks
her finger on a syringe I’d used & is
immediately sent off to Emergency
by her Chinese boss, who sends in a
Russian substitute who’d attended
Carolin over 3 yrs ago. Seeing my knee,
he asks who my orthopedic surgeon was?
I explain: “I picked him because his name
was like my mother’s, a Belarusian Pole;
he’s from Tadjikistan, but isn’t a Tadjik.”
He explains, “In Soviet Times they spread
people out.”...“But he really was born
in Tadjikistan…”(etc.) Wed.eves., an
Ethiopian local community college VP
teaches an adult-ed.class on immigration
to people from across the USA w/deep
European roots resunk here in Norcal: .
"Jeg svensk pojke" autopoints a 94yr old;
"Jeg svenska flicka" copoints a 90yr old.

(01 SEP 09, Santa Clara CA)v6

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