Friday, October 23, 2009

Glenn Beck (for my GB readers)

Glenn Beck's ( media career began in AM/MW-radio, & now includes cable-TV, 6 best-selling books, as he strives to replace Rush Limbaugh as Mr. Media Conservative. To draw that large an audience, he has to be especially outrageous. His style of American 'shock'-TV isn't TV-news, just talk-radio opinion/commentary. A country with a constitutional (1st) Amendment allowing freedom of speech allows 'talking heads' like Beck to claim TV-normality while acting talk-radio-naughty. Commentator Beck charges the White House with 'discriminating' against FOX News (his current TV-employer) at White House press conferences by the president's refusing to respond to FOX News reporters' questions. But that's the president's prerogative: when a reporter asks an outrageous question, the president may deftly say "Next question please," quickly calling on some other news organization's reporter in the room. Beck twistedly calls that ignoring...attacking.

Now, for PRI-NPR-listeners, a poem w/instructional footnote (Ifn):

FOX News flo@ts

Hearing NYT's David Carr
thrashing on PRI-NPR’s
“Talk of the Nation” call-in,
chastising the White House
for “taking on FOX News”
advising “punching upwards”
as the better strategy, I offer
an even better one; whisper:
"FOX News? Shh.It flo@ts.”
{FOX News, R U list'nin' ?}

(21 OCT 09, Santa Clara CA)v9

Ifn: Elide "Shh.It flo@ts." for what FOX News is & does.

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