Saturday, December 5, 2009

Looking for No (now take a deep breath, exhaling) Trouble

A friend of mine has just come back home to S.F. after a stressful year+ of working in the federal appeals court system in Louisville KY, and is now doing zen meditation & Pilates/cardio. Over 70, she's been told by the instructor she already looks 65. Why? Stress-reduction. I think I, too, can finally see the virtuous stress-vanishing point of zen&yoga (as carolin used to say) - "Don't go looking for trouble" but rather instead: Go looking for No (now take a deep-breath, exhaling) Trouble. For the last few years I've written heart-stressing poetry (against the Bad Guys, esp. Cheney&Co.), so maybe it's finally time for me to also learn how to write some heart-healing poetry (for myself, as one of the Good Guys.) My heart & I deserve this life-saving break. "2 stents" (below, post of Thurs Nov. 26 ) is my 1st poem of this type. My therapist has just asked my permission to use it in his practice; I'm glad to hear that I've written a 'healing' poem! Perhaps I can use it to help heal myself!

Short-poem version of above:

Carolin often warned me
not to "go looking for trouble"
& I almost never listened to her;

now, after my heart-attack,
I'm finally looking for No More
(now take a deep breath, exhaling)


(05 DEC 09, Santa Clara CA)