Friday, October 15, 2010

WHUF abt U?

Listening to Australian novelist Peter Carey being interviewed on BBC overnite, responding to whether he’s an optimist/pessimist, I’ve begun to think of this myself. Whuf abt me?

I’m neither; as a writer, I just let what my mind makes come out. Some (certain) people have surprised me by saying they think I’m cynical; if so, I think I’d better adopt a different definition of cynicism than I have so far.

Generally, (I think) people work with what they’ve got until circumstances force/enable them to do otherwise: i.e., I’m the kinda guy who habitually picks up paperclips & saves them, if not actually uses them, a lifelong habit learned from my parsimonius, pragmatic Glaswegian-born dad, for most of his major working life a parts inspector of naval gears for a large GE plant in West Lynn MA.

And so, what I’m writing here will be soon be -clipped under the title of an as-yet untitled 'piece' of writing, formed by years of writing op-ed ‘pieces' for newspapers (just anutha writing skill to master.) Have I hit 350 wds yet? I’m sure I will once I get rolling, having learned length matters in newspapers, but not on-line; so being online, I’ll continue this, if I may...

Cynicism? No. Anxiety, Yes. Always anxiety, at least in writing prose, compared to my deploying increasingly incisive rage in poetry. You see, as I write this, I’m gradually realizing that I don’t ‘celebrate’ much/enuf. I’m usually too anxious to.

So now I do want to celebrate my daughter Maya’s birthday today: 15 OCT 64 & have sent her 3 b’day greets: an e-mail reply, an animated musical e-card, & a traditionally-stamped paper card, thinking: She’s far away (3K mi.) in Putney VT. As for anything else about her, you'd best google/facebook her. Her life is hers to reveal as she will; (no doubt) she thinks I’ve long over-revealed mine - even tho I have yet to write an autobiography, as such.

But enuf about me, whuf abt U?

15 OCT 2010 (Santa Clara CA 95050)v2


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