Wednesday, May 18, 2011

21 MAY 2011 CE

Oakland CA evangelical radio broadcaster Harold Camping (88) has studied The Bible for over 70 years & says he's come up with a mathematical system to interpret prophecies hidden in it. Trained as a civil engineer, Camping crunched the numbers one night a few years ago & was stunned to find that the world will end on 21 MAY 2011, 11am PDT.

21 MAY 2011 is also my 69th b'day. Ginny & I intend to be at a midday (10am-1pm) health fair & free picnic here at Valley Village where we both live (in Santa Clara CA, in Silicon Valley) I'll let you know if anybody at the picnic mentions Camping or The Rapture he's predicting as happening on Sat. Or my b'day.

Evening UPDATE: Nobody mentioned Camping or the Rapture. Re: my b'day: just Ginny Zeitman & Lorraine Wheeler (who lives in my bldg. & smilingly declines to explain how she knows it.)

But now it's back to this World (as most of us know it.)

This World

e.e. cummings, revisited

Whether this World ends/not,
the day begins. Or does it?

What we’re seeing satisfies
most of us as adequate proof
of a World where things aren’t
going very well at all for most

of us. Therein lies the belief
in rapturous transcendence
of This World (as we know it):

above This World’s a better one.

(22 MAY 2011, Santa Clara CA)

I turned 69 on 21 MAY 11. Nothing happened,

so Camping's upping his Rapture-date to 21 OCT 11.

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