Friday, June 17, 2011


“The Framers didn’t use rolling papers.

The Constitution was real paper!.”

Chauvinistic twaddle sinks quickly

into the sensationalistic minds

of a susceptible high-school class

eager to see real American History.

The history teacher’s on furlough,

so a Tea Party re-enactor plays

Benj. Franklin in period costume,

carrying a 6’ Revolutionary Rifle:.

“Revolutionaries held their rifles

in their right hands, out of respect

for the Constitution.” Young heads

nod in approval as twaddle sinks in:

"Guns, right! In their right hands,

not their left! History’s easier

when it speaks right to us! This

is real American History! History;

books are just paper. This is real!"

(17 JUN 11, Santa Clara CA)v4

appears on The New Verse News Thurs. 23 JUN 11

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