Saturday, July 30, 2011

Original Art (where I live)

A few years ago, the Santa Clara Public Library circulated a collection of framed prints. When they finally decided to discontinue the print project, they auctioned them off. I got an original lithograph (184/275) of 18 tall thin trees beside a pond after a rainfall by Roberto Righi (1942-, Rome), who (like Gauguin) abandoned finance (in Righi's case, accountancy) for fine art. Here at Valley Village's Bldg. 4, the administration has put up a half-dozen prints in the building-length corridor on the 4th floor where I live; I've put up 2 more of my own a few feet from my apt. door: Righi's lithograph, and an undated watercolor of the thistle Echinops Ritro by Barbara Russell (who I know nothing about.)

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