Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Contemporary Class Warfare

The 1st time heard a Republican operative I knew use the term 'class warfare' was when I interviewed him on Wellesley College radio in the late '80s. It came out of nowhere, & went nowhere we were talking about. He was just trying it out because he was on the radio. It was the propaganda hot-bullet of that year. Now it's back.

It's an attempt to make a European term American, but only applies to the American present if you admit that if any class suffers a relative taxation injustice, it's the middle- vs the upper-. Which pays a higher % of taxes? (You know the answer.)

Post WW2, a greater number of Americans have aspired to & achieved many traditional middle-class perks: a college education, a white collar job with a larger paycheck, a car, country-club membership. Owning a home became the American Everyman's Dream. When polled, most Americans soon claimed they were middle-class. Those middle-class people whose homes were (temporarily) worth a realty (not real) million imagined they were actually millionaires. They've just had a rude awakening recently: what goes up, can come down. Nonetheless, their delusion persists:

Rabid Republicans are belatedly conning them with the propagandistic distortions of the "Death Panels","Death (Estate) Tax" & "Class Warfare."

Demonstrating that: some people never learn; some don't want to; some don't want you to. Which are you?

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