Thursday, October 13, 2011


Reasons not to hire you:

  1. You’re an underachiever .
  2. You’re underqualified.
  3. You’re undereducated.
  4. You’re overeducated.
  5. You’re overqualified.
  6. You won’t work for minimum wage.
  7. You will work for minimum wage.
  8. We’ll be hiring in our next Fiscal Year.
  9. We never hire after the holidays.
  10. We always lay-off after the holidays.
  11. We’re taking over our competitor.
  12. We’ve been taken over.
  13. We're moving operations to China.
  14. We're going Chapter 1l.
  15. We're going out of business.
  16. Would you like to buy the company?

(12 OCT 11, Santa Clara CA)v2

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