Monday, February 20, 2012



You can’t deny that the Moon looks quite engrossing …to poets, lovers, small children, dogs, wolves, & lunatics.

Geologists & mineral-entrepreneurs, too, but for purely material reasons. Who knows how much of which minerals lie under the moon’s surface? NASA; so, let’s go up again & dig deeper.

Of course, there’s a lot up there that we could lay claim to if we established a permanent moon-base. Newt Gingrich groks that one way to do it is to make it the 51st state after we reach the requisite number of our citizens residing on it to apply for statehood (60K)

Our terrestrial feet on the Moon would, of course, create an instant interplanetary stir, with all the other terrestrial entities (cf. the U.N., China, Russia, Oceania, etc. ) accusing us of solar-system commercial imperialism.

Commercial? Think A-merican! Whatever’s named on Earth can be re-branded on the Moon. Starbuck’s & who knows how many fast-foot vendors could open Moon mini-branches (really just reconstituting-units), with subsequent product-naming rights. Moon Burger? Moon Dog (actually, I think he’s had that for decades), Moon Pie (isn’t that P.D.?), well, all-white-cheese Moon Pizza then.

As on Earth, so the Moon.

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