Sunday, March 25, 2012


Years later, CHENEY

prepares to discover

who his he@rt-donor was.

Fearing it was a black lesbian,

he asks his gay daughter

to accompany him.

“This way there’ll be nothing

sleazy about doing this,” he says

as they walk the long corridors

of Walter Reed Hospital, past

its crumbling walls, great rusted

window-grates, closed bathrooms.

CHENEY begins to realize

it might have been a soldier

who might have served in Iraq,

& trembles uncontrollably. His

daughter holds him tightly.

They finally arrive at

the janitors’ slack-room.

Nobody there is white.

Some are women.

CHENEY blurts out:

“Anybody here a lesbian?”

One woman speaks up:

“My wife w@s.”

CHENEY’s he@rt thumps,

more than, more than once.

(25 MAR 12, Santa Clara CA)v1

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