Monday, May 28, 2012

NO DRAFT, NO WAR, Just Peace

NO DRAFT, NO WAR, Just Peace

One of my uncles, a submariner,
another, a bomber waist-gunner,
another, an OSS assassin in Poland,
another, a mountain ski-trooper
killed in the Italian alps; his widow,
a WAVE, married to an Army cook,
none of them ever marked me for war
except my father, rejected by the army:
for wearing glasses, for being married,
for having a child (me), incredulous that
I wouldn’t accept the Vietnam War draft:
“You’re a citizen! You have to!” He'd never
learn I beat the army draft by checking-off
“covert homosexual" (hidden in its long list of
debilities) during my pre-induction physical. 

How can we deflate war's delusions?
No draft. No war. Just Peace.

(USA Memorial Day 2012, Santa Clara CA)v9
appeared on The New Verse News
for Wed. 30 MAY 12

British WW1 soldier-poets saw war was horrific for the troops & delusional for the homefront. It is again. It always was.

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