Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Carolin Combs: "A Wedding"

Carolin & I were invited to her cousin's wedding reception at a county park in southeastern Michigan.  - Bill


I felt like I was in an episode of Cops, one of those episodes where the cops have set up a sting and they invite all the local felons with outstanding warrants to come to a party and collect a prize.  It was my cousin’s wedding reception, and I expected the police and a camera crew to burst in at any moment and start cuffing the guests.  They looked that good.

The wedding itself took place the day before, in another county.  The bride & groom’s home county requires 6 weeks of pre-marital counseling in order to get a marriage license, and they didn’t intend to bother with that.

It was the second marriage for each.  The groom is a cousin of mine who is old enough to be thinking about mortality.  He’s an alcoholic. His first wife was an alcoholic who died of a heart attack.  The Pepsi bottle he takes to work is actually filled with whisky.  He was the only person in the wedding party or among the guests to wear a suit.

- Carolin Combs (d. 26 JAN 2007)

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