Saturday, December 8, 2012

"His heart is broken!"

An elderly Japanese woman spoke to me after a Xmas concert here last nite, apologizing for not coming recently to the monthly Fri. nite movies I show in this social center in the complex where we both live (btw, we're both having eye problems.) After we caught up on my bereavement, her tall, fully -Americanized daughter suddenly said: "His heart is broken!" I was astonished, & grateful to hear her say it. Suddenly the conductor (who I've sung under) walked up & said "You're lonely." I badly needed their acknowledgement. 



After the Christmas concert,
an elderly Japanese woman
apologized to me for missing
the monthly movies I show
here where we live. (We're both
both having eye problems.)As
I recounted my bereavement;
her Americanized daughter
told her "His heart is broken!"
astonishing me. The conductor
(I've sung under) said to me:
"You're lonely.

(10 DEC 12, Santa Clara CA)V3

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