Thursday, September 11, 2008

Manhattan, ReBuilding

A few months after 9/11
I visited the refilling site
of the World Trade Towers
with my son, who lived
nearby on Hudson St.,

slow-walking together
over temporary planks
on the viewing platform
to see the construction site
that looked like any other.

Days later, I jay-walked there
& an earnest Manhattanite
shouted at me:“Do you know
what you’re doing?” I shouted
back: “I’m frum Bahstin!”
(wheah jay-walking’s normal.).

That was then; this is now; I
live at the bottom of S.F. Bay
& think only of the Manhattan
where my son lives, way up
in Washington Heights at 169th.
miles from where it happened.

Why would I think differently?
Manhattan’s always rebuilding;
ask any true Manhattanite.

(11 SEP 08, Santa Clara CA)v1

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