Monday, February 22, 2010



“The CIA didn’t want to torture.” – John Yoo

Absolved of abetting criminal intent
John Yoo, now on book tour, tells us

he only provided legal justification
of various options of interrogation
of war prisoners. Just legal recipes.

Now teaching at Cal (UC Berkeley),
in a protected academic environment

he’s safe from waterboarding
by any of his legal colleagues

however much they loathe him,
while no really hard rain falls.

(22 FEB 10, Santa Clara CA)v2

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Don Spark said...

Hey Bill,
Thanks for working over the Yoo banalities. I just posted your poem on my blog and linked back to your blog. Enjoy the google juice!

I really love the way your political series reads in it's entirety. Is this going to be published as a book of poetry? I'll buy one!

Don Spark