Saturday, August 28, 2010


Dr.Ginny drives Dave’s Lucky aka Puss
down the San Tomas Expressway at dusk
to the all-nite animal emergency room

to be whisked away in his grey Pet Taxi
for immediate examination. An hour later,
after a dark dying cat cries out in fear,

we get the e$timate for Lucky’s urinary
blockage: slushy kidney sand, treatable
orally (by a new diet & special meds),
catherization (by dog-length catheter),
& (maybe) an operation. Lucky’ll live.

Leaving, I console a weeping woman &
the dying cat’s weeping owner by telling
how our 14-yr-old litter-brothers died:

Jeeves by quick injection, -ory observed
overnight; Carolin in hospital 4 yrs ago.
Everybody tears up in commiseration.

(28 AUG 10, Santa Clara CA)v4

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