Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's fascinating how, with the government's current dietetic emphasis on bright/dark fruit, simple blueberries have become (relatively cheap) little healthballs.

I remember 2 distinct types of blueberries: small, indigo, sour (in coastal eastern MA; homey); large, paleblue, sweet (from coastal eastern ME; commercial), appropriately enuf. [2 flashbacks:]

1. My Glaswegian Scottish father (in West Lynn MA) used to insist we pick high-bush sour indigo blueberries on the cut under the electric power lines in bordering Lynnfield MA, or sometimes up on Bald Pate in distant Georgetown MA (25 mi away). Some were eaten out of hand while picking them; the rest were taken home in large #10 cans to be loaded into pancakes, since we'd be drowning them in sweet maple syrup at breakfast anyway.

2. My Belarusian Polish-speaking grandmother (in bordering Salem MA) always served me the sweet big paleblue blueberries for Summer Sat. breakfasts with Kellog's Corn Soya in the late '40s. How I miss those paleblue, crunchy gold & cold white bowlfuls!

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