Sunday, December 19, 2010

East- VS West-Coasters OR "It's over there..."

It's I've just written this coastal observation for Ruth Emmett, a friend in Belfast ME (on Maine's central coast)

East- vs West-Coasters: We East-Coasters (as I was until 5 years ago) live within a simpler logical layout so that our relatively smaller towns, cities, & counties are logically-discrete by name. Here, in Norcal, a tiny piece of Santa Clara county can occupy the middle of any Santa Clara city block. Typical result. I look directly across the st. at San Jose city whose st. numbers do not match/track exactly with the numbers on my Santa Clara city side. I live at 930 N. Winchester Blvd. Santa Clara city & county which is directly opposite 888 N. Winchester Blvd San Jose (city, in Santa Clara county.) Little wonder the Norcal locals wave their hands vaguely & say when they give strangers & newcomers directions, (pointing vaguely, then appearing to be more definite) "It's over there..." (When often it's not.)

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