Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The annual Poetry & Song concert at St. Mark's Episcopal (USD$10) nearby in Santa Clara was quite good - Karl Kadie, Ginny, & I sat together to hear the Symphony Sliicon Valley Singers (SSVS) supplementing the annual reading by Silicon Valley(Santa Clara County) [1st] Poet Laureate - Nils Peterson, a retired San Jose State University (SJSU) Prof, who sniffled & almost wept as he read a Gene Shepherd Xmas story, his own collected & published annual Xmas poems, the beginning of Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales", & some seasonal Garrison Keillor (which Nils does each year.) Seeing that SVSS were evidently short a bass, after the concert I spoke to SSVS conductor Prof. Elena Sharkova (a young Russian emigree) about it (ans.: they've lost one bass to illness, so Nils, like me, a bass-bar., filled in for the concert) & I was instantly offered an audition. We shall see..I told her that I presently sing with .the S J Peace Chorale (SJPC) - which is probably about as much as I can handle @ the moment; btw, our Xmas party is this Thurs. eve. at the Chai ("life", Hebrew) House retirement community in S J's Sherman Oaks neighborhood..

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See my Dec. 15 blog about you and this past Sunday at suzy-writethoughts.blogspot.com

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