Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The only valid statement now isn't that

“Everything’s become increasingly chaotic”

but that we have increasingly conflicting

versions of what we call Basic anymore.

We can’t say “The Basics & nothing more”

& be understood by spouses, families, near

neighbors, friends, closest enemies, strangers.

The measure of everything is being warped:

There's no too little, but to the Starving.

There's no enough, but to the Sated.

There's no satisfaction, but to the [Dead.]

The Basics are constantly being warped

by images of increasing magnitude. Enuf

isn't just Some+, more than just Adequate;

anyone asking for adequacy is discounted

as insufficiently addicted to Increase; while

many are addicted to Much, calling it Some.

Meanwhile, we diet our asses & bellies off.

(17 MAR 11, Santa Clara, CA)v4

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