Tuesday, March 22, 2011


In 1956, we had a mock
in the 5th grade.

My mother was a Republican
because Salem's Irish
Democrats rejected all Poles;

My Scottish dad was an IUE
AF of L/CIO Democrat who
was oddly about to vote for Ike.

They had always joked their votes
always cancelled each other out,
but were shocked that I was voting
for Ike & Estes Kefauver, (because
of his coonskin cap) & told me:

“You have to vote for just 1 party!”
“Why?” I rebutted, “You've voted
for both parties, so why can’t I?”

Later, at 18, I voted for 4 parties,
1 of them, the SLP (Deleonites.)

(22 MAR 11, Santa Clara CA)v3

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