Sunday, August 14, 2011


Whose rules are the Cruel Rules? Are they religious?

Where belief (in something) is required; religion may not be.

You can now be a capitalist even in Communist China, but you cannot promote Falun Gong (a 'traditional' religion which is severley outlawed for irs fallacious science) which means that in Communist China political belief is separated from economic belief & religious belief.

In western capitalist countries, spiritual religion may be a matter of personal option, but capitalism is nonetheless the reigning state economic religion. Capitalism can be severe (notoriously so in empires' colonies) & is becoming increasingly so in these times of economic distress which I call The Time of Resolve, whose 3 Cruel Rules

Only the least expensive get paid.

Only the most efficient survive.

Only the most productive prevail.

apply in this case in the present world crisis and might be more severely applied under The Tea Party. Does this make the Tea Party religious? Economically yes, but not religiously as normally understood. The vulgarly assertive use of 'religiously' to mean absolutely or stringently is a corruption of the term. If those 3 rules seem acceptable to you, you are definitely not a Christian, no matter what you claim.


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