Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TV programs

Note on ME & TV programs

Here are the TV shows I’ve been an avid viewer of.

While living (1979-2003) in relatively wealthy ivy-league college town Wellesley MA, 2010 pop. 27,982, “Northern Exposure” delighted me. Its small Cicely AK somehow felt like Wellesley where I was media-active (regional & town newspapers, college radio, cable TV, civic-symphony, one-off opera, 20 yr anti-war vigil).

“The Gilmore Girls” set in a small CT town 10 mi from Hartford, due mostly to its fast dialog : “Talk fast. Life is short.” which Carolin probably saw appealing to me because I have 5 planets in Gemini; obvious class-relations; Yale story-line.

Now that I live alone in Jesuit-college city Santa Clara CA, 2010 pop.116,468, I occasionally watch "House", Burt Wolf's "Travel & Traditions" (deft research), Food TV's "Simply Ming" (Tsai) who owns "Blue Ginger" restaurant in Wellesley Sq. (that I never went into when I lived there) & "America's (VT) Test Kitchens" (my daughter Maya & grandson Asha live in Putney.)

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Ann said...

Funnily enuf, I caught an episode of Gilmore Girls the other day - I had never watched it before - and found it strangely compelling!