Saturday, February 1, 2014

Wither CA We@ther?

As we suffer the lack of substantial rain here in CA, I recall my naieve new-to-CA weather expectations: CA is always sunny (never cloudy), doesn't rain, never snows. 

TV& movie fantasies apply only (if at all) to Socal/L.A. &; desert points-east (bordering AZ.) The 56mi. L.A. River is more than just a trickle in an urban cement channel.

Way up here in Norcal/SF Bay, it gets cold (below freezing) overnight, rains, snows (on mountain peaks, rarely down in the valley.) Rain supports agriculture & increasingly populous cities. Microclimates (S.F., the central coast, etc.) reduce weather zones to smaller regions than I 'd ever imagined & certainly never heard of 'back east'.
Drought - which I thought was perennial all over CA - except the coast -  is not only regional but macro-cyclical. (We're currently in the 7th-year of the latest.)

For me, it's all become unexpectedly informative (so far.)

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