Thursday, February 27, 2014



To: Patricia Hughes

At the new karaoke in the Social Center, 
after I slid into the chair beside you, 
you shooed me away, pointing me to
“Sit further away (by one seat) 
I don't need you...”(anymore); 
I instantly rose & left, but soon 
slipped back in with incomers
to sit on the other side of the room
to your suppressed surprise.

Days later: you ignored me
as I stood a few feet from you
as you were about to enter 
Donna's B&W car. Later,
returning to the parking-lot, 
getting into her car again, alone,
Donna admitted to me: "Bill, 
I don't know what happened...
Her mind is like a 5yr-old's."
I replied: “I just want her to get what 
she needs. Even if I can't see her.”
& offered an aluminum shower stool.
Donna explained it wasn't needed,
but waved to me as she drove away
out of the parking-lot. 

(27 FEB 13, 3:44PM,  V V, Santa Clara)v2

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