Monday, December 29, 2014

Julia Ball on Wonderful Reggie

from Julia Ball, Palo Alto CA

Oh, Bill, no!!--wonderful Reggie!!!

What a loss to our world, 
and what a dear, dear loss to you!

Reggie was fearless, a mighty hunter, 
and a friend to cat and man. He was 
playful and delightful. When you moved 
west, leaving behind his best cat buddy 
and his neighborhood freedom, 
he submitted to the harness. 
Above all, he had such heart. 
I'll never forget his keeping watch 
at Carolin's side or chair back, 
lending her the comfort of his 
loving presence. Reggie leaped 
tall fences in a single bound. 
His like will not be seen again.  

Farewell, dear Reggie; leap the fence,
and go to Carolin.


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