Monday, December 29, 2014

Reggie (13) RIP

My beloved Maine Coon cat Reggie (13) died last night while I slept. He was my cat-son/brother; Carolin chose him from among 9 cats on a dairy farm in Vergennes VT when she was at Breadloaf;
he was alert, amazingly agile, intelligent, could speak - "Out!", "Hello!" - I love/d him so. (I'll write more about him...when I'm able.)

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Anonymous said...

Reading an article on Santa Clara, thought of you,and found that your guardian has died... would you

Find a little stray, a stripey type of kittie logic, wrapped in mischief with innocence and time..
call a thief of love, a cat, but when they stay, it's so delicious a repast.. their nimble grace imitating light through leaves on a summer day!