Saturday, August 16, 2008

Post-op Lament

A light breeze drifts
in thru the open window
rippling my mind,
filling it with images
of simple comforts
I craved in the hospital
& nursing home:

a warm facecloth,
a soapy shave w/a Mach3-blade,
a queen-sized bed;

I miss bending to buckle my sandals,
climbing onto my 10-speed Shogun
to cruise down the sidewalks
doing my daily errands;

anything immediate & spontaneous
is remote, now that I'm hosting
a knee built of titanium & rubber,
hidden in my stiff, swollen left leg.

What I'd assumed, I can't, again, yet:
what I'd done, I can do only some of.

(15 AUG 08, 12:41 PDT
Santa Clara CA) v9

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