Sunday, August 31, 2008

RePublican make-overs

Deconstruct the ongoing
RePublican make-overs:

They relentlessly make-over
your evident virtues
as your hidden vices:

If you’re inspiring, you’re a ‘media-star’
If you bend, you’re condescending,
If you’re young, you’re inexperienced.
If you’re black, you’re black.

They relentlessly make-over
your opponent’s weaknesses
into his evident strengths.

He’s dull & uninspiring,
so he's definitely deeply real.
He’s almost-admittedly rich.
He’s comfortably white.

He’s just-turned 72.
Get him a token 44-yr old
pro-life gov. of Alaska
w/5 children & a gun.
Make her a woman.

(31 AUG 08, Santa Clara CA)v12

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