Saturday, August 16, 2008

Post-op recovery

Well, I'm finally back in my own apt.w/Reggie. Post-op, I spent 2 wks (w/PT & OT) in a nearby skilled-nursing home.

My left total-knee operation appears to be a success (its 25 staples are gone & 8" incision is healing nicely); the recovery, however, is proving to be another multi-phased process (incl. more PT.)

Obviously I'm writing again & can talk some (my only phone is 408-247-1943) but I seem to tire surprisingly easily, so pls.don't expect a lot out of me for some while.

Many people here in Santa Clara (& nearby) have helped me out during this extended process: here at Valley Village - Cherle Stephenson (my surrogate-mother), Lois Overman (master-gardener & dedicated animal protector, who 'airied' Reggie while I was unable to), Ken Contey (who willingly does everything for everyone), & Ivo Adam - about whom you're read a lot here; and St. Mark's parishoners - Barbara Rice (my very necessary patient-advocate), Pastor Rev. Kate Wilson, my close friends poet Karl Kadie & his wife Carol Korzow. Getting me thru all this has truly required a dedicated group's willing effort - for which I'm very grateful.

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