Saturday, April 10, 2010

Earthly worship

Earthly worship

(around Easter 2010)

As authoritarian religion destructs, here & abroad, & the constructive mainstream consolidates*, the return of a kinder, gentler piety is growing. Some are adopting varieties of Buddhism, others what they think of as wicca, a later-day druidism.

A natural piety of the Earth as Mother is already widely held, fuelled by conservation and organic movements. Here in Northern California, I fully expect Earth-Family groups to meet on public parks on Sundays, disguised as family picnics.

*Christian denominations are finding each other more tolerable even as they split internally: conservative congregations bond with conservative, liberal with liberal, even sharing pulpits (cf. liberal Lutherans accept an 'exchange of orders' with liberal Episcopalians, cross-ordaining & 'calling' - hiring the graduates of each other's seminaries )

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