Friday, April 9, 2010

Towards Alviso


Riding towards Alviso thru 6 miles of randomly vacant office buildings in Santa Clara I thought aloud “What will they do next with those buildings?” Ginny replied: "Turn them into housing" -- exactly what I'd thought they ought to have done during the last Silicon Valley downturn. I’ve just heard (on KGL-FM) that office occupancy is down 30%. How long can they continue to keep them unoccupied?

A marshly beauty

At Alviso we parked on the approach driveway; during the slow reconstruction of the bayside county park and its soon to be restored marina, you can’t get into the actual parking lot. I unpacked my dark-red double-wheeled walker & we headed up into the park, down the ramp, & sat on the grey composite-plastic bench facing the small baylet of reeds & rushes. “Listen to the reeds..” (I thought), asking Ginny what she thought when she heard the wind sweep thru them. “A smoothing song…” she replied...

Listening to the rushes rustle
in the light wind brings me
back to where I grew up:
reeds rattling, rushes shusshing.
Do Egyptians hear this
by the Nile’s reedy banks?

(08 APR 10, Santa Clara CA)v5

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