Friday, April 16, 2010

How long...?

The day after the (it appears) non-violent neoTeaparty event in Boston, I'm still thinking over a demographic probe of the phenom. I think the most relevant, unasked & unanswered Q is:

"How long...?"

"How long have you lived where you are now?"

"How long (years/generations) have your family lived there?
Is your family-heritage rural/urban? Southern/Northern?
Do you have a gun? How many?"

"How long (weeks/months/years) have you been out of work?"

The higher your aggregate numbers, the more rabidly 'conservative' you're likely to be. Or is it really that simple?

A recent CBS/NYT survey yielded: the average TeaPartier is 45+, makes $50K+, & is male. For more:

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