Friday, May 14, 2010

Congressional Bears

Once politicians
lumbered home
to their districts
bearing back-bacon
ear-marked from taxes,
to slumber virtuously
in caves of fiscal satiety.

What was once virtuous
is now suddenly criminal.

Turned-out on a pseudoReganal dime,
what they don’t bring back has become
proof positive of their innocence.

The neozen drawing shows them
“Empty-handed, bearing gifts to all.”

Wars remain virtuous.
Crackers gladly vote to spend
to keep American bases
in countries dependent on our PXes
propping up their economies
while steadily depleting ours.

These are the hallmarks
of late-imperial self-deception,
obvious to the aware, in-
admissable to the oblivious.

(14 MAY 10, Santa Clara CA)v3

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