Sunday, May 2, 2010

3pc-suited pirates

A few years ago, around Easter (in an Episcopal church here in Norcal), I talked to a corporate accountant who told me that the free-market was the most perfect system ever devised; I replied: No system is perfect. He remained loyal to his: anything done in the name of unfettered capitalism is perfect unto itself, (including selling contending derivatives, earning escalating bonuses, because anything that profits profiteers is good.) Such self-serving thinking justifies banking piracy in 3-piece suits. Now even captured Sudanese pirates claim to have been working for Goldman's CEO/Chairman Lloyd Blankfein, attacking ships he chose as targets, exempting them from piracy as a crime, because they were acting as 'legitimate' mercenaries! For more felonious flummoxing, watch the Senate Banking Comm. hearings on [{TV}]

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