Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Could Parrish?

for Ginny

Beside a cement replica
of an antique Japanese lantern
a dedicatory placque reads:

“Cupertino City and Toyokawa City
commemorating the 10th anniversary
of Cupertino and Toyokawa’s
sister city relations, presented
in 1988 from the city of Toyokawa ”

2 Chinese girls in sandals laugh
in the Victorian gingerbread gazebo
built in June1994 from burnt chunks
of the Enoch J. Parrish homestead
set in the lagoon of the artificial
pond of Cupertino Memorial Park .

Could Parrish have imagined this

on his arrval in 1883?

Behind us, a V-formation squadron
of 11 Canadian geese float across
the lagoon towards us to eat the
scattered hulled millet we’d bought
at the all-asian 99 Ranch Market.
No longer Canadian, the geese are
less & less migratory, we’re told;
it looks like they're here to stay.

Could Parrish have imagined this?

(Cupertino Memorial Park, 3 JUN 10)v6

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